Governments and operators continue to put more and more pressure on healthcare professionals, both in terms of efficiency in the services they administer and the safety of patients they treat.  We have aligned ourselves to this trend and are constantly increasing our own focus on ensuring consistent levels of quality and safety in our products and throughout our supply chain.

Our global quality assurance and compliance team is integrated throughout our organization, with one clear task: making sure that we always meet and exceed the requirements of our clients, the patients that use our products and the Governing bodies in the markets we operate. 

We maintain a number of quality assurance classifications and registrations, including with ISO and the BSI and have active internal protocols in place for risk management and internal auditing, as well as a global code of conduct, which governs and sets the standard for the behavior of our staff.   

Ms. Ooi, a Product Integrity Manager in Malaysia, is a stickler for quality. She makes sure we test every single Biogel® surgical glove for holes by air inflation. It’s thanks to people like Ms. Ooi that Mölnlycke sets the standard in surgical glove protection. Watch Ms. Ooi in action below.

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As an international company, we have a particular duty to respect, promote, and comply with the principles of ethical and social responsibility associated with human rights, the workplace, and working conditions, not to discriminate, to maintain... Read about our code of conduct.


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